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Gabriella Buccioli, my life, my garden. The plants have invaded the spaces, stormed the trees, shrunk the walkways, and blanketed the slopes. The garden looks like a wild, magical and evocative jungle, just as I wanted it to. I created it a little bit at a time, almost without realizing it at first and then with increasing awareness. As the work gradually took shape, I indulged my love for the plant world, following the thread of childhood memories and often becoming nature's accomplice or pupil, without sacrificing my own influence.

Adelaide Acerbi and Driade

Andrea Branzi. Modern, Postmodern, Primitive

Paolo Pallucco. The Necessary Angel

Alessandro Guerriero. Words and Alchimia

Tom Vack. Drunk on Light

Vestimenta Inhabited Clothing

Nathalie Jean. To Be A Control Freak

The Chiavari Chair

Superonda by Archizoom

Design by Franca Helg for Vittorio Bonacina

Mendini Proust

Anna Gili. Portraits of Animals and Other People

Francesco Binfare'. Drawing, design, product.

Torso by Paolo Deganello, made by Cassina

Ugo La Pietra. Neo-eclectic design

Alessandro Ciffo. Iperbolica

Triennale Design Museum. Permanent Collection

Campana Brothers. Five Beds


Andrea Salvetti. Sculptures by fire

Andrea Salvetti. Life Tube

Andrea Salvetti. Bitume

Andrea Salvetti. Tables of Cooking

Andrea Salvetti. Pork Design

Flap for Six

Campana Brothers. Historia Naturalis

Campana Brothers. Vermelha

Campana Brothers. Corallo

Baghdad by Ezri Tarazi

Flap Dance

180 pieces for the Flap

Tarshito. Devotion and Design


Vermelha design Fernando and Humberto Campana. On an aluminium and steel structure, 500 meters of a special rope that ensures both resistance and structural capacity have been hand-woven.
Paolo Deganello tells the story of the Superonda sofa, designed by Archizoom Associati, one of the pieces made for the Superarchitettura exhibition in Pistoia in December 1966, an exhibition held by Archizoom and Adolfo Natalini (who founded Superstudio shortly after). Superonda is still produced by Centro Studi Poltronova even today.
Flap Dance. Dancer and choreographer Caterina Basso dances on Flap, a totally new type of sofa both in terms of performance and form.
Five Beds. Cabana, Cipria, Corallo, Favela, Grinza. Five beds designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana.
Tatlin design Mario Cananzi/Roberto Semprini. A spiral sofa and magisterial example of artisan upholstery. It is a tribute to Vladimir Tatlin and to one of the icons of modern art.
Paolo Levaggi. The Chiavari Chair.Fratelli Levaggi is an artisan company that has been producing authentic Chiavari chairs since 1963, using traditional methods and materials. Smart, sturdy and very light, the Chiavari chair is a masterpiece in terms of aesthetics and technique. It is an example of the high quality of Italian craft and creativity.
Corallo. This generously proportioned frameless armchair Fernando and Humberto Campana is made of an irregular weave of stainless steel wire, painstakingly bent and soldered by hand.
Bruno from Badia. Bruno Munari spent his childhood and teenage years in Badia Polesine, which is precisely when he developed a particular talent for art and design. This film takes us through the streets of Badia Polesine and shows us the hotel his parents managed, the banks of the Adige, and the games and inventions that fostered his creativity.
Anna Gili. Portraits of Animals and Other People. The artistic philosophy of Anna Gili, from her Sonorous Garment and Painted Persons performance, carried out with Alchimia in 1986, to M.U.C.H. and Animal Love.
Design by Franca Helg for Vittorio Bonacina. From the mid-1950s onwards, she designed many products for Vittorio Bonacina, a company working with rush and wicker.
Nathalie Jean is a jewellery designer. She has been designing and producing her own jewellery collection since 1998, and in 2007 she started designing for important jewellery and fashion houses. New showroom in Milan, 48 via Solferino.
Tables for cooking. Cooking and sculpture by Andrea Salvetti.
Neo-eclectic Design, Handicraft and Self-Production. Towards the end of the 1970s an intense movement developed in the world of design in Italy with the trendy groups Memphis and Alchimia. Around the same time Ugo La Pietra theorized "Neo-Eclectic Design".
L'angelo necessario. Paolo Pallucco talk about Pallucco In 1980 Paolo Pallucco founded a furniture and accessory company that bore his name. His products represent new concepts, and have a new aesthetic language. He undertook a path in which the search of functionality, technical innovation and study of shapes evolved hand in hand. His non-conformist approach to design and the memorable exhibitions in the ex Slaughterhouse of Milan during the 1988-1989 editions of the Furniture Fair have left a significant mark both because of the quality and for the staging of the products.
Devotion and Design.Tarshito's works bridge the gap there often is between the spiritual and the material worlds, and enlighten art's materiality with ancient meditation techniques known to humanity throughout the ages.(trailer)
Life Tube. The food of a lifetime in a sausage-gut in a performance by Andrea Salvetti.
Baghdad by Ezri Tarazi. The top of the Baghdad table reproduces the map of the Iraqi capital. Composed of 700 industrial aluminum profiles manually welded, it has no supporting framework, thanks to the supreme mastery of the welding.
Historia Naturalis. The collection designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana and made by Edra in 2006.
Flap for Six. An original type of upholstered item with a new profile and new functions. The sleek shape of the upholstered base has parts that tilt at various angles to become backs and rests for unhindered relaxation positions
Leather Works design Fernando and Humberto Campana. Each armchair requires about 400 pieces of leather that are all cut and freely and skillfully hand-assembled one upon the other. This involves a lot of work and led to the name Leather Works
Jenette design Fernando and Humberto Campana. A backrest made from 900 strands of flexible PVC ensures comfort and support that adapts to every sitting position.
Sculture da fuoco. Three special pot for cooking bread, meat and vegetables in a performance by the sculptor and designer Andrea Salvetti.
Alessandro Ciffo. His hyperbolic chairs are excessive, exaggerated, dilated: they exceed the design, overflow the borders, go beyond the edges. They force and extend the projectual idea.

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